About the Mandate

Our Mandate for ministry was received from the LORD Himself, in an 18 hour vision. During this vision, a commission was received from the LORD to liberate mankind in all facets of human existence, to restore broken destinies, to bring healing to the infirmed.

Today, testimonies of liberation through our messages, books, tapes, magazines and other periodicals are most humbling. The word of faith is working like fire for the liberation of mankind across the nations.




I joined this great Commission on July 15th, 2018 which also doubled our DIVINE FAVOUR BANQUET on an invitation of a member. I finished my Secondary School in the year 2010 and came to Lagos in early 2014 for a greener pasture, but all my efforts for survival proved abortive, not even a thousand naira in my account, wandering like a lost sheep without a shepherd, homeless, jobless, depressed, frustrated and addicted to alcohol and tramadol intake. But Obviously, as I stepped into Canaanland on that faithful day of July 2018, I felt the presence of God. While PAPA was preaching, he said; "today marks the end of your struggles in life". I shouted aloud Amen and I believed totally in the Prophecy. And by the grace of God, I turned my life to Christ and engaged in all church services regularly. I attended the Believers Foundation Class and, I also attended WOFBI, August 2018 Special Edition. Although my friends were mocking me because of my active engagement in the Church activities, I refused to be distracted and what I always said to them was; if truly am serving a living God that before one year, you will celebrate with me. During the Shiloh 2018, i actively engaged and behold! the God of this great Commission has done it for me. God gave me a job in the last week of December 2018 and to perfect his work, in the second week of January 2019, a member of this Church gave me a free SELF CONTAIN APARTMENT worth of eight hundred thousand naira (N800,000) per year.
Verily, serving God is high profitable. All glory to the God of Bishop David Oyedepo.