Important for the Parents

  1. Please note that registration begins every Sunday exactly 20 minutes before the service begins and closes at exactly 15 minutes after the service begins. Do not bring your children to the Children’s’ Church prior to the opening times, as there will be no one there to receive them or ensure their safety.
  2. Parents/guardians should please endeavour to communicate with members of the Winners Kidz team with courtesy and respect.
  3. Please ensure your child is fully equipped for the service by providing a bible, notebook and a pen/pencil.
  4. We in the Children’s Church also participate in special ministration services such as communion, feet washing and anointing services.
  5. We provide snacks such as crisps, biscuits, sweets and drinks during the break period; if you do not want your child to participate, please inform one of the teachers.
  6. If your child/children would like to celebrate his/her birthday within the Children’s Church, please inform us beforehand.
  7. The Children’s Church has a no smacking policy. However we will not tolerate acts of indiscipline. Copies of our policy on discipline are available should you require one.
  8. Any child who is constantly involved in misbehaving or disturbing other children, fighting, biting, being rude to teachers or disrupting classes will be asked (after discussion with parents/guardians) to stay away from the Children’s Church until his/her behaviour has improved.
  9. Parents/guardians should please note that all the toilet facilities within the Children’s Church building are intended only for the children and the teachers.

You would appreciate that we consider the safety of your child as a top priority, to this effect the following guidelines should be adhered to so as to ensure a smooth process when you drop off and pick your children. Please take note of the following information.

  1. Parents/guardians are required to register their children at the registration counter before walking through the access controlled doors to the appropriate classroom.
  2. If the child is attending the Children’s Church for the first time, the parent/guardian will also need to complete a membership form for the child/children.
  3. All registered children will be given an identity tag, and a duplicate will be given to the parent/guardian.
  4. At the close of service, the parent/guardian will need to produce the duplicate identity tag in order to collect their child/children.
  5. Please endeavour to collect your children within 10 minutes of the service ending in order to allow the teachers prepare for subsequent services.
  6. Failure to produce a tag will require the parent/guardian to undergo a verification of identity process.
  7. Please note that NO child will be handed over to an adult if we cannot verify the identity of the adult coming to collect the child.
  8. The children’s Church will only register and take responsibility for children when Parents/guardians adhere to the rules stated above.

Once again, thank you for your cooperation. God bless you.